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Its been a little over a month for Tiragali.com and the story so far is quite interesting. The business at Tiragali.com is quite unlike business. Yes, it did not start with great strategies, analysis or even an ambition to grow at a specific rate on a monthly, quarterly basis. Literally, there were no logistics planned at all.

It is just that a group of home makers (Mother and her sisters, aunts) gather occasionally to cook a lot of special recipes (Pickles, Sweets and snacks) for a festival or some other special occasion. These items usually get raving reviews from family, friends, relatives or whoever tasted them. One such compliment on many occasions was ‘these items would have a lot of market’ and that’s how tiragali.com has started.

While packing our first order, the item weighed 350 gms on the weighing machine for an item ordered for 250 gms. While I was trying to correct the weight, Mother simply said ‘Let it be’ !!

They never knew logistics. However, the same mother is so keen in the making of a pickle that she did the whole seasoning again just because the cumin seeds were missed by mistake. They love their cooking. It is never a duty for them nor an obligation. Its their art and the aesthetics of it are very important for them.

There are few occasions where a business is build around an individual’s passion and tiragali.com is one. Every work of art will have its place and tiragali.com will not be different !

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